Addiction Counseling

Doctor of Philosophy In Christian Counseling
Specialization in Addiction Counseling


The PhD program is sixty hours. Forty hours of coursework and a dissertation.
You must have a Master’s degree to apply for the PhD program.
The dissertation is a minimum of sixty pages with at least twenty sources in the bibliography.
Most dissertations average eighty to one hundred twenty pages.

The Dissertation is the focus of your PhD studies. Herein will be your greatest study and research time during your doctoral studies. The courses will strengthen your understanding of addiction issues. The dissertation will be an opportunity for you to excel in your chosen interest area which will be the theme for your dissertation.

You must submit ten verbatims.  A verbatim is two to three pages. A verbatim presents a thumb nail presentation
of a one on one conversation where pastoral care or Christian counseling takes place.
You should briefly introduce the setting. Then briefly write out what the session or conversation was about.
To the best of your memory, you should state what he/she said and what you said.
You should then write a brief conclusion stating your thoughts about the session. You can state if you feel it was productive, helpful, a waste of time, if you referred the person to someone else for additional help, etc.


Cost of this program   $2,595.00

This PhD program requires the completion of eight courses. No Travel Seminars, alternates and electives are not currently available for this program. Each courses requires reading a text and writing a ten to twenty page review summary of the text. We suggest summarizing briefly each chapter of the text. Do not plagiarize. Write in your own words what the author of the text is saying. You may briefly add your thoughts on each chapter. Submit the paper to school  You may mail the paper to the school mailing address but always send a self addressed stamped envelope for the return of your paper. Email is faster. Standard mail usually takes about a month to receive, grade and return your paper. Email normally takes about two weeks.

Choose eight of the following courses.
CAC 700  Helping Others Overcome Addictions
Text required: Helping Others Overcome Addictions: How God’s Grace Brings Lasting Freedom by Steve McVey and Mike Quarles

CAC 710 General Substance Abuse Understanding
Text required:   Handbook for Christ-Centered Substance Abuse and Addiction Counselors by Michael Belzman

CAC 720 General Review of Substance Abuse
Text required  Counselling For Substance Abuse and Addiction by Stephen Van Cleave,  Walter Byrd, Kathy Revell

CAC 730 Counselling Deperate Marriages
Text required:  Despereate Marriages: Moving Toward Hope and Healing In Your Relationship by Gary Chapman
CAC 740 Dealing With Others Who Have A Desire For Pornography
Text required: Secret Sexual Sins: Understanding A Christian’s Desire For Pornography by Fred C. Rochester

CAC 750 Biblical Perspective of Addiction
Text required: The Heart of Addiction: A Biblical Perspective by Mark E. Shaw

CAC 760  Counseling The Sexual Addict
Text required: A Biblical Guide to Counseling The Sexual Addict by Steve Gallagher

CAC 770 Counseling Impossible Problems
Text required:  Counseling for Seemingly Impossible Problems by  Sabrina Black and Willie Richardson

CAC 780 Realistic Steps to Overcoming Sexual Strongholds
Text required:  Winning The Battle Within: Realistic Steps to Overcoming Sexual Strongholds by Neil T. Anderson

CAC 790 Counseling Persons with Addictions
Text required: Counseling Persons with Addictions and Compulsions. A Handbook for Clergy and Other Helping Professionals
by Andrew J. Weaver, Charlene Hosenfield, and Harold George

CAC 810 Defeating Harmful Habits
Text required: How To Defeat Harmful Habits, Freedom From Six Addictive Behaviors by June Hunt