Degree in Pastorial Ministry

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By the Grace of God, Jesus Christ has been a guide to me since I surrendered my life to Him. However, he gave wisdom to Northwest Theological Seminary to open a school where others who want to serve the Lord can be trained so that they can reach out to others who are still wallowing in sin to be saved.

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Our youth group is diverse racially and socially. In the course of earning a Bachelor of Arts in Theology, I was able to draw heavily on my studies with Northwest Theological Seminary. Currently we are studying the Book of Ephesians which was one of my favorite seminar courses. Our youth are growing in Bible knowledge, evangelizing their friends and families, coming to know Jesus Christ as savior, and growing in their Christian walk. The ministry brings new joys daily, and I would not be ...

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Northwest Theological Seminary and Northwest College of the Bible ("NTS")....   NTS is the answer to earning your degree. Your entire Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degree can be completed from the comfort of your home, church office, or location of your choice. NTS occasionally offers seminars in different locations and no-travel seminars for accelerating the degree process. However, none of these seminars are required in order to complete our programs and graduate. NTS is the most ...

Christian Apologetics

Christian Apologetics MA and Ph.D. Degree Programs, Newburgh Seminary College Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics - Tuition: $2,295.00 Eight Courses - 40 Hours of study.  Select Eight of the following texts or DVDs. Newburgh Theological Seminary, Newburgh College of the Bible Read the selected text or view the selected DVD. Write a 10 to 20 page summary paper. Note: No Travel Seminars are emailed to you via Internet/computer. We do not mail out DVDS. No Travel Seminars are ...

Biblical Archaeology

Master of Arts In Biblical Archaeology Northwest Theological Seminary/College DEGREE PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS: Requirement Courses/Hours Explanation Total Courses 8 courses/40 hours Core Courses & Electives Core Courses Minimum 5 Authorized Textbooks Elective Courses Maximum 3 Elective Page or No Travel Seminar Tab Textbook Alternates Maximum 2 Submit Textbook Alternate Form No Travel Seminars   Maximum 3 (Electives Only) No Travel...

Addiction Counseling

Doctor of Philosophy In Christian Counseling Specialization in Addiction Counseling The PhD program is sixty hours. Forty hours of coursework and a dissertation. You must have a Master's degree to apply for the PhD program. The dissertation is a minimum of sixty pages with at least twenty sources in the bibliography. Most dissertations average eighty to one hundred twenty pages. The Dissertation is the focus of your PhD studies. Herein will be your greatest study and research time...